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Countries defense pact (known as CDP) is pact of mappers. If one of members of pact was attacked by someone, all pact joins his side and tries to defeat aggressor. It is one of more powerful alliances. CDP have his own server on Discord and leader of server is Bosnian Republic Mapping. The leaders of alliance are Croatiaball Mapping, link of channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Wmqh4bu6uclAp1Lf1aU6A ) and S pain ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUOTCqVcD8bvx_qWfIRzT7A ). Rarely is to see that mapping alliance have anthem, but CDP is the one of alliances that have. It is Croatian song named "Moja Domovina". Maybe now it's time to name some members: S pain, Croatiaball Mapping, Poya Mostofizadeh, EmpireBall Mapping, Bosnian Republic Mapping, Norway countryball, Turkish ball, Selki, Chineseball, Janko Bananko , Iberianball Mapping, Guatemala Animations, Azfar, Space Asian Union, Cypriot's Mapping, Nigeriaball... Everyone who is a good guy can join this alliance. So that's it!

no it’s not it....

In February peace time ended: tigerfighter betrayed CDP, beginning of CDP-EOM war.