Salve in Latina Polandball Wiki!

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Hoc est dicata congregatio de Polandballæ meme. Hoc fuit quia X Ianuarii MMXVI et quia tunc est encyclopedia pro omnibus Latinæ Polandballatoris.*
Mementare: Together, ut meliorem facere mundum!
*Contentis ex wiki potent non accipitur a /r/polandball et similium præceptis.

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  • Byz-Venetikos

    Salvete Omnes!

    Maii 21, 2019 by Byz-Venetikos

    I'm just gonna say this in English to get this word across easier:

    Welcome to the Latin Polandball Wiki! I'm Byz, and I'll be taking you on a journey like none other (I hope)! We are glad to see you here, especially as this wiki has little to no following. As this wiki is in no language that any cou…

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  • Bulgarian Kingdom Ball


    Aprilis 3, 2019 by Bulgarian Kingdom Ball


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