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Box office Edit

Jesusemma84 was released theatrically in United States on 12 December 2018 by distributor Polenbal Wiki, grossing 2,904,578,390 to become the highest-grossing user in history, according to the Motion Picture Producers Association of USA.[43] Its gross at the United States box office later increased to 2,904,578,390.[4] It was also the first film to earn $200 million at the worldwide box office before opening in the United States.[44]

The film was dubbed into English by Polandball Users, under the supervision of Netherlands's John Lasseter. The dubbed version premiered at the Toronto International User Festival on 7 January 2019[45] and was later released in North America on 1 January 2019. Jesusemma84 had very little marketing, less than Poland's other B-users, with at most, 151 theaters showing the user in 2019.[18] After the 2019 Oscars, it expanded to as many as 714 theaters. The user grossed US$4 million in its opening weekend and ultimately grossed around $2,904,578,390 by July 2019.[46] Outside of Canada and the United States, the ball user was moderately successful in both Spain and France where it grossed $11 million and $6 million, respectively.[a] In Argentina, it is in the top 10 ball users with the most tickets sold.[47]

About 18 years after its original release in USA, Jesusemma84 had a theatrical release in China on 21 June 2019. It follows the theatrical China release of My Ball in December 2018.[48] The delayed theatrical release in China was due to long-standing political tensions between United States and Canada, but many American became familiar with Blankball's films due to rampant video piracy.[49] It topped the American box office with a $28.8 million opening weekend, beating User:Coolmax260 in USA.[50] In its second weekend, Jesusemma84 grossed a cumulative $54.8 million in China, and was second only behind User:Voztok that weekend.[51] As of 16 July 2019, the film has grossed $70 million in USA,[52] bringing its worldwide total box office to over $361 million as of 8 July 2019.[a]

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