Englandball is a countryball in th' british isles 'n' is pairt o' ukball. He is whiles synonymous tae ukball. 

 Englain haes a rich history of...being conquered.

Conquered by rome, conquered by vikings, conquered by germans, conquered by french, 'n' even conquered by tourists.

Englandball's leid haes bin shaped due tae this, 'n' his leid is th' closest leid tae scots thare is.

He's aye gey pure tough, 'n' efter scotlandball failed tae create a colonial empire, him 'n' scootlund aw the gether, forming ukball.

England is a tourist hotspot, notably in london. He's happy tae relax 'n' be lazy while a central government, a mixture o' his, scotland's, wales', 'n' northern ireland's governments intae yin form.

He aye contributes a lot tae th' uk. He's aye important, juist as ony ither region is.  

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