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Germanyball (deutschlandkugel) is a countryball in th' center o' europe, wha appears in maist comics (as weel as forms  

Federal Republic of Germanyball

Bundesrepublik Deutschlandkugel

General information
style="border: 1px solidTemplate:ThemeColor/Border; width:37.5%;" |Reality state style="border: 1px solidTemplate:ThemeColor/Border" |Federal Republic of Germany
style="border: 1px solidTemplate:ThemeColor/Border; width:37.5%;" |Government style="border: 1px solidTemplate:ThemeColor/Border" |Federal parliamentary constitutional republic, also a Technocracy under the scientist Angela Merkel

 o' deutschland). Th' capital o' germany is berlin 'n' he th'gither wi' franceball ur merrit as parents o' th' european union. 

Germanyball GreeceEU.png

Germany wis born oot o' th' ashes o' constant war, 'n' searched fur "unity, justice, 'n' freedom" (einget, recht und frieheit in german). Unlike his younger brother, austriaball, he wis unsuccesful, 'til 1990. Ever sin then, germany haes bin workin` solid, solid, 'n' solid. Ye kin think this is torture, bit tae germany, this is an art that needs perfection! 'n' germany enjoys it. Th' rewards o' it ur boundless, 'n' include:

lead th' eu/fourth reich


a huge economy

a well-trained army

money fur a summer-anschluss tae spain

and basically anythin' else ye cuid ask for.

He hires th' less wealthy european cuntry, notably poland 'n' greece, tae dae as he demands. Often, he'll force thaim tae wirk at a rapid pace or thare is na pay at a' fur ony o' thaim. Germany is an' a' an nippy supporter o' technocracy.

You'd think solid wirk is na speil? tis th' opposite wey aroond. Germany often panics while at th' beach, 'n' is prone tae howk holes randomly tae bygae time. He'll even defend thaim wi' machineguns if maybee aye. Tis a' speil 'n' na wirk fur germany. Wörk, wörk