Greeceball, an' a' kent as hellasball as he likes tae ca' his-sel is a a countryball located in south-eastern europe 'n' kin be  


in european union 'n' nato. He an' a' likes tae spam blether. 

Greece haes rich culchur 'n' history, defeating iranball (persiaball at th' time), bit bein' conquered by kebab. He's gaed oan tae be th' foremaist orthodox land tae revolt fae kebab, 'n' destroy him. He's basically th' prince o' kebab removal, richt neist tae serbia, th' king. Bit kebab haes gubbed him efter ww1. Greeceball is aye gey butthurt 'n' nationalistic aboot his hate fur kebab, even though his borders ur protected wi' him.

Greece haes skelp an economic wee efter borra'd tae mony debnts fae germany, 'n' in result, he's gotten sae pissed aff at macedoniaball 'n' repeatedly hollered "gib monis, macedonia is greek!" 'n' forced him tae chaynge his name tae macedoniaball. Russiaball 'n' ukraineball hae ne'er dane this tae belarusball ower belarusball's name, (white russia), whilk used tae refer tae a' o' th' east slavballs, making him th' maist lazy 'n' smart countryball in southern europe.

Greece wull dae anythin' fur monies, bein' a hobo. Greece is lik' oz, he kens howfur tae survive lik' a badass, even if that means destroying his economy 'n' pure burnin` his dosh. He's lik' that, y'know?

greece's mukkers ur th' kebab removers, serbia 'n' romania, 'n' whiles montenegro. He an' a' hates half-kebab bulgaria, wha is a former kebab remover, wha recognizes kosovo.

Greece is o' in debnts.  

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