Romaniaball is a countryball in southeastern europe. His burd (or wee sister) is moldovaball. He is an' a' obsessed wi'  


removing gypsyball from his clay. 

Romania haes a kinch wi' hungaryball ower th' wee hungarian minority in transylvannia. Hungary wants his glorious empire restored, 'n' romania is standing in th' wey lik' a giant roadblock.

Romania an' a' is enemies wi' bulgaria 'n' kebab ower clay disputes. Bulgaria is yin o' th' 3 (sometimes 4) kebab removers, anaw: romania, serbia, montenegro (sometimes) 'n' greece. Romania is an' a' a vampire, bit often blames th' hungarian minority oan that. This wey, romania haes bin able tae sook hapsburg blood fae hungary, whilk micht hae actually saved hungary. Romania used tae be under th' hohenzollerns dynasty, an auld fowk whilk wis historically enemies wi' th' hapsburgs. Unlike in germany, he decided tae bade anti-hapsburg. Efter ww1, he gained a' ethnically romanian clay, bit efter ww2, he became a soviet puppet state 'n' lost moldova tae th' ussr.

After th' fall o' th' iron curtain, romania wid gang oan tae jyne th' eu. Romania is a romance leid land, whilk is odd, considering howfur mony fowk say his leid is lik' italian wi' a russian accent. Thay an' a' say he is actually a slav pretending tae be a romance land juist fur gypsy monis.

Romania haes an odd lee, 'n' you'd git used tae it if ye wur him.  

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