Russiaball is a lairge 'n' pure tough countryball in eurasia 'n' is th' lairgest countryball in th' world. Russiaball is forordinar


pure tough, proudly, 'n' it git better compared tae tis auld soviet days, 'n' kent fur tis constant rivalry against usaball 'n' germanyball. He kin intae space, 'n' in fact he is th' foremaist intae space.

Russia is an alcoholic 'n' a christian communist (yes, that ideology exists), bit he likes tae ca' his-sel a putinist. 

Russia haes entirt a phase o' bragging aboot his power- often sending aircraft aw weys, notably ower poland, germany, denmark, englain, th' balts, ukraine, 'n' belarus, wha he considers tae be a buffer zone atween him 'n' poland, wha he is planning oan invading yin day.

Russia loues voddie, sae muckle sae that he cannae git enough o' it. He often passes time wi' his mukker chinaball by drinking.

Russiaball, dispite invading ukraine fur th' sake o' russian minorities, is diverse his-sel. Bit nae pure, as he's 80% russian, 5% ukrainian, 10% tatar, 'n' 5% others.

His mukkers ur chinaball, syriaball, north koreaball, 'n' kazakhstanball. They're nostalgiacs 'n' thay waant an international proletariat dictatorship.

Russia is a slav, 'n' he bides oan th'day, 'n' mibbie fur eternity. Xaxaxa!  

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