Ukball is a kingdom o' combined countryballs located aff th' coast o' franceball. He is ne'er fun wi'oot accompaniment o' a

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tap bunnet, a monocle, a pocketwatch, 'n' occasionally an umbrella (like a true gentleman should). He wance dominated th' world, ye ken. Rule britannia!

currently, ukball is ruled by conservativesball 'n' a reluctant member o' euball, whilk he the script tae lea soon. 

Ukball is an' a' referred tae as britainball, haes mony bairns, notably th' anglophones, australiaball, freish zealandball, canadaball, 'n' usaball. He's an' a' kent fur makin israelcube 'n' haudin' oan tae ony lest colony he kin haud oan tae, whilk haes pissed spainball aff, him claiming that th' toon oan th' tip o' spain is rightfully his. 

Britain is an imperialist oan  th' ben o' his hert, bit he, lik' his son, canadaball, kin be gey crakin'. Franceball wid say this is masking his intentions. Bit ukball denies this.

He employs polandball tae wash his cludgie frequently. His culchur is cried british culchur, tis th' culchur fun in th' british isles.

His culchur mixes norse, germanic, celtic, 'n' some traditions fae ancient rome th'gither tae form one.

Britain is polite, bit he often complains aboot immigrants, mostly fae indiaball, lithuaniaball, pakistanball, nigeriaball, 'n' ither cuntry fae southern europe.

He's allied 'n' hates his auld rival, franceball, bit he's in an especially pure tough friendship wi' portugalball, hosting th' oldest alliance tae aye be in place.

This shows howfur muckle he's willing tae hulp a mukker, even if someone, hoast ukip hoast says otherwise.

Ever pure tough, th' uk is a world power, 'n' haes gubbed a land muckle larger than his-sel, argentinaball, in war afore. This is likelie howfur he's taken ower maist o' th' world in his empire form.

He is yin o' th' hardest countryballs tae draw. If th' union jack wasn't solid enough tae draw, ye an' a' mist draw a monacle 'n' a tophat, referring tae uk's sense o' style.

Do ye care fur cuppa?  

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