Ålandball (sometimes known as Åland Islandsball) is an island countryball in the Baltic Sea, and is an autonomous region of Finland-icon Finlandball. She is located just of the coast of Finland-icon Finlandball to the East, and Sweden-icon Swedenball to the West. The region is divided into 16 municipalities, including the capital Mariehamn-icon Mariehamnball located in the Southwest, giving her a total area of 610 square miles. As of 2019, she maintains a population of 29,884 inhabitants.


She was part of Swedenball, in 1809 along with Finland-icon Finlandball to the "Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empire". Then was part of the Russian Empire until 1917 when Finland declared independence with Ålandball, then a civil war broke out with red guards and white guards, it was a victory to the white guards. Then Ålandball was stuck with Finland-icon Finlandball ever since, never to be with Swedenball again who is now one of the most popular province-balls.

Flag Colors

Ocean Boat Blue 18, 116, 191 C91-M39-Y0-K25 #1274BF
Gold (Web) (Golden) 253, 214, 0 C0-M15-Y100-K1 #FDD600
Amaranth Red 210, 33, 49 C0-M84-Y77-K18 #D22131




  • Denmark-icon Denmarkball - A Nordic traitor, controlled of mys Uncle!!!
  • Estonia-icon Estoniaball - YOU CAN NOT INTO NORDIC! she hates Russia.




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