Šoštanjball (also called Schonsteinball in German) is a small cityball of Sloveniaball. Šoštanjball was born as a 2ball, adopted by Habsburgball, later by Austria-Hungaryball, then by Yugoslaviaball and finally by Sloveniaball.


It was founded by Habsburgball in the 19th century, before, it only existed as a small village. It became famous for having the biggest Leather Factory in the lands posessed by Austria-Hungaryball. During the interwar period it developed tourism and opened a small spa resort. During WW2 he was occupied by Nazi Germanyball for four years, and was liberated by SR Sloveniaball in 1945. After the war Šoštanjball was an important City of Yugoslaviaball, as he posessed a Termal power plant. In 1991 it rejoiced when he, and other other Slovenian cities broke from Yugoslaviaball.


He is a good friend of Ljubljanaball. Some people think that he is a little unstable, as the fumes, produced by his power plant, made him a little crazy. He likes leather and his more glorious past, and dislikes being called irrelevant by Velenjeball.

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