7ball (also known as Oceaniaball) is the caveball that represents ancient native islanders which don't fit neatly in other categories. It is commonly used the same way as 3-icon 3ball, except representing amerinidans living south of USA (And sometimes Mexico). On R polandball-icon /r/Polandball 7-icon 7ball is often used for tanned skins, so it can also represent Ancient Egypt-icon Ancient Egypt. In addition, it can be used to represent native Caucasians, but mainly on Reddit-icon Reddit.

7ball was invaded by many countries who settled his homeland, such as Great Britain.

How to draw

Drawing 7ball is very simple:

  1. After drawing base circle shape, color it of brown like here
  2. Draw a smaller white circle inside with a black 7
  3. Add eyes and you're finished


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