Acehball is a secessionist region, yet a province of Indonesiaball.


Acehball born as a 1-icon 1ball, adopted by Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball, Dutch East Indies-icon Dutch East Indiesball and Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball.

He can into a Kebab kingdom too. Samudera Pasai kingdom was the first kebab kingdom in Indonesiaball. He called "Serambi Mekah" (The porch of Mecca) because when Indonesiaball colonized by Netherlandsball, all of the Kebab Indonesian who whants to visit Mecca have to visit Acehball first.

Official Name

Acehball has some official name which applied based several time periods.

  1. Aceh Darussalam (1511-1959)
  2. Daerah Istimewa Aceh (1959-2001)
  3. Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (2001-2009)
  4. Aceh (2009-present)

19-20th century

His attempt to remove Invader come true in 1945 after Indonesiaball declare his independence. later he demand to be an independent state. In 1976 the Aceh Sumatra National Liberation Front (ASNLF) or better known as Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM) begins. During 1980-1990 the Indonesiaball goverment called this front as GPK-AM. Quickly GAM become stronk separatist.

21st century

GAM become stronger in early 2000's. This situation complicate Indonesia to remove him. In 2003 Indonesiaball declare martial law in Aceh. But later in 2004 a great tsunami swept Aceh, and there's no better option for GAM and Indonesiaball than negotiate on international discussion. After that, in 2005 GAM's spokesman officialy declare GAM's dissolution. Acehball becomes special regions of Indonesiaball in 2006, this status allow Acehball to apply sharia law.

Today Acehball living in peace, eats Roti Cane as usual, being a good kebab, and preparing to anschluss Indonesia also riding on rainbow and unicorn. He can into oil and tourist!. He also hates PUBG.

How to draw

Drawing Acehball isn't very difficult:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of red
  2. Draw a white star and crescent in the centre
  3. Draw black (white-frimbriated) lines as in Israel-icon Israelcube
  4. Draw slant-eyes and rice hat and you've finished.


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