Diversity in counsel, unity in command.
— Cyrus the Great

Achaemenid Empireball was the first Persian dynasty, was of a stronk empire, and stretched from Thrace to the Indus Valley. At one point, they ruled between a fourth and a half of Earth-icon Earthball's population (which was much smaller back then, but still). Achaemenidball would remain in power for over two centuries until gradually weakened by rebellions, and conquered by Macedon-icon Alexander the Great in 330 BC. It also created the first human rights


Achaemenidball was born as the Zoroastrianism-icon Median vassal of Persis, which was created by the Iranian peoples who arrived in the area around 1000 BC. Under the leadership of Cyrus the Great, the Persians revolted against the Medes in 553 BC, and finally defeating them in 550 BC, gaining all of the Median territories. This eventually brought Achaemenidball into conflict with 2-icon Lydiaball and Babylon-icon Neo-Babyloniaball. After the conquest of the Lydian Kingdom, Cyrus turned east to quell the rebellions started by Bactriaball and Sakaball. Later, Cyrus conquered the Neo-Babylonian Empire, helping to free the Israel-icon Jewish slaves in Babylon-icon Babylon, allowing them to return to their homeland and restore Jerusalem-icon Jerusalem, including building the Second Temple. Cyrus eventually died on campaign in 503 BC in an expedition against the Scythia-icon Massagetae and was succeeded by his son Cambyses II.


  • Sparta-icon Greece baby - you really think that you can defeat the mighty Persian empire? that fights are cause I don't want ur fucked land. There is no farm, trade, or gold. Even most of the greeks live in Persia! There are just warriors. If I want I can defeat u. remember Thermopylae, Platea, and others! 
  • Macedon-icon FUCKING MACEDON - YOU FUCKING MAD! YOU GOT MY LANDS BUT TRUTH IS YOU HAVE LOST THAT WAR! see here: Alexanders clothing is Persian, his wife is Persian, his capital is Persian, a great part of his army is Persian, Darius III is not the last king! Alexander is the last king!
  • Babylon-icon Babylonball - Stop harassing my Jewish friend, yuo idiot!
  • SPQR-icon SPQRball - Ok Roman kid! go and play with my son!
  • Ancient Egypt-icon Ancient Egyptball - This pharaoh was anschlussed by me. But he rised again. Dammit!!
  • Seleucid-icon Seleucidball - DAMN Macedon! Get out of Persia yuo Macedonian scum!
  • Parthia-icon Parthiaball - My adopted son. He's good at archery. Filthy roman empire can't into conquer Persia because of his archers. Good job defending old lands of your father.
  • Sassanid-icon Sassanidball - My stronk son. Proud of him. He protected middle east from that filthy Roman empire. He had so many elephant corpses to fight Roman empire. His army mostly defeated that Roman guys. He was also so rich in gold and culture.
  • Zoroastrianism-icon Medesball - My mad father. First think i did was that i annexed him!


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