Adjaraball is a regionball of Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball, bordering Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball and Black Sea.


Adjaraball was part of Caucasian Iberiaball in ancient times before Ancient Greeceball took it over. Later SPQRball and Byzantineball conquered it. In the 9th century, it was part of Georgian Kingdom, until Ottomanball arrived and turned Adjaraball into a kebab. Later, Russian Empireball took over. After World War I, Turkeyball tried to reclaim it in the name of kebab but ceded it to Sovietball on the condition that it be semi-autonomous and kebab was protected there. Nowadays, Adjaraball is part of Georgiaball .



  • Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball - Daddy.
  • Colchis-icon.png Lazball - I miss you brother, please come back.
  • Abkhazia-icon.png South Ossetia-icon.png Traitors - HOW DARE YUO MAKE MY DAD ANGRY?! I will not forgive you.



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