I bless the rains down in AFRICAAAAAAAAA!
— -Toto
— -Bill Wurtz

I bless the rains down in African Unionball is a multinational union, which is comprised of almost all the independent sovereigns in the African region. It is based in Ethiopia-icon Ethiopiaball's clay, and resembles EU-icon EUball, but is not as cohesive as a union. It is comprised of many different communities merging, resulting in a confusing system of different sub-organizations. He’s also very useless since he doesn’t care about the reports, and some African Clay is trying to break out of him. Some foreign people also says he’s a weirdo because of his culture.

In 2017, Morocco-icon Morocco rejoined African Union-icon African Unionball. Even Western Sahara-icon Sahrawi Republicball is a member.

In 2019, due to the Sudanese protests, crisis, and the shooting of dozens of protesters, Sudan-icon Sudanball has been suspended from the African Union-icon African Unionball. However, Sudan-icon Sudanball was admitted back to the African Union-icon African Union in September 2019

Current members

Former members


How to draw

Simply draw the African Union logo in a dark green ball.



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