Ainuball was a tribe, now he is a part of Japan-iconJapanball. He is living in Hokkaido and few in Russia-iconRussiaball.


His life was calm and peacefully. Then he was conquered by one, Japanese clan - Matsumae Clanball in 1590 AD. Japan-icon Japanball destroyed his culture. Ainuball many times tried to revolt but without success. Soon, Japan-icon Japanball believed that Ainuball was dead, and send a message about it to UN-icon UNball, but some were still alive. In 1997 Japan-icon Japan and rest of the World finally accepted this fact. There are few Ainuball left. An estimated 25,000 in Japan-icon Japanball and 1000 in Russia-icon Russiaball in 2019. Their numbers are declining due to low birthrates and mixing with Japan-icon Japanball.

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