Akhzivlandcube is a micronation born in 1972 between Israelcube & Lebanonball founded by former leader Eli Avivi (1952-2018). The micronation is promoted by the IMT even though its legal status remains ambiguous.


In 1970, the Israeli government sent bulldozers to demolish the home in which Avivi had been living. In protest, Eli founded Akhzivland in 1971, setting up a hostel and a museum. The tourists described it as a "hippy microstate" - attracting artists, writers, and countercultural figures.

The micronation elected Avivi to be President (according to the constitution "The president is democratically elected by his own vote", effectively empowering him to be pres till death if he feels like it), established a flag and national anthem, and even issued passports. For a certain time, visitors’ passports received a special stamp. Following the founding of Akhzivland, Avivi was arrested and detained but was released 10 days later after a judge ruled that the charge of "Creation of a Country Without Permission" did not exist.[4] After Avivi sued the Israeli government, a court ruled to lease the area to Avivi for 99 years but did not rule on the legal status of the state. Akhzivland now contains a guest house, beachfront campground, and a museum of local findings from the sea and seashore.

Fun fact: Akhzivland actually successfully defended itself from 5 Palestinian terrorists.

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