Al-Raqqahball is a governorate of Syria-icon Syriaball.


Al-Raqqahball born as a 4ball, adopted by Assyriaball, Achaemenidball, Seleucidball, Parthiaball, SPQRball, Sassanidball, Umayyadball, Ilkhanateball, Mamlukball, Ottoman Empireball, Franceball, FSAball and Syriaball. It was occupied by ISISball.

Now Kurdistanball surrounded him and broke ISISball's defense lines. ISISball Al Raqqah finally surrendered to Kurdistanball, ending the battle. Other part of the governorate was liberated by Syriaball, Russiaball and allied Palestineball militias.

Based on

Al-Raqqahball is based on Al-Raqqah.

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