Albanian Kingdomball was a Historical Countryball born in 1939 by Italian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Italyball after it successfully conquered it that year. It became a protectorate of the Italian Empire and was under Italian rule until Italy's capitulation on September 3rd, 1943 and was handed over to Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball.


Albanian Kingdomball was born on April 12th, 1939 following the successful Italian invasion of Albania and was made from the clay of the previous Albanian Kingdom-icon (1928-1939) Albanian Kingdom. He remained part of Italyball for most of the war and took part in many conflicts. During the Balkans Campaign of World War II, Albaniaball gave Fascist Italy-icon Kingdom of Italyball a strategic advantage in the Balkans due to his location and many of his people fought as colonial troops during the war. On October 28th, 1940, Italyball invaded Kingdom of Greece-icon Kingdom of Greeceball starting the Greco-Italian War, but it went horribly and Greeceballs began invading Albaniaball until Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball sent his Wehrmacht-icon (Eastern Front) Wehrmachtball to save him and Italyball in the ensuing Battle of Greece.

In April of 1941, Ablaniaball was used as staging point for the Invasion of Yugoslavia alongside the other Axis Powers. Kingdom of Yugoslavia-icon Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball collapsed and parts of his clay were given to Albaniaball and a new puppet state, Independent State of Croatia-icon Independent State of Croatiaball, was created near Albaniaball's borders. During the Mediterranean Front, Italyball suffered various defeats by the Allies and was invaded by September of 1943. On September 8th,, Italyball surrendered to the Allies and Albaniaball and Italyball were both invaded by Germany who created new puppet states with a Nazi Albania-icon new Albanian Kingdom being made and Italyball's clay being used to create Italian Social Republic-icon Italian Social Republicball.



  • Italian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Italyball - Best of friends and benevolent protector and defender! Why did you surrender and leave? We had so much!
  • Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball - Another great ally and friend of Italy! 
  • Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball - Loyal friend of Germany and Italy! Axis Strongk!
  • Kingdom of Hungary-icon Kingdom of Hungary - True and loyal member of the Axis Powers! Also only one that didn't surrender half way or late into the war.


Nazi Fascist Italy-icon Axis Powers - Removings Commies und der Alliierte, 1942 Best Year Ever! Japanese-Empire
Tripartite Pact Nazi Nazi GermanyballJapanese-Empire Empire of JapanballFascist Italy-icon Kingdom of Italyball (Until 1943)
Affiliate states Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of RomaniaballKingdom of Hungary-icon Kingdom of HungaryballBulgaria-icon Kingdom of BulgariaballThailand-icon ThailandballPanslavic-icon Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball (2 days only)
Co-belligerent states Finland-icon FinlandballKingdom of Iraq-icon Kingdom of IraqballSoviet-icon Soviet Unionball (Invasion of Poland only)
Geteilte Zugeständnisse (Tianjin-icon) Tianjin-icon Tianjin Concessionsball ( Japanese-Empire Empire of JapanballFascist Italy-icon Kingdom of Italyball (Until 1943) )
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Client and Puppet states State of Burma-icon State of BurmaballCambodia-icon (1941-1945) Kingdom of CambodiaballProvisional Government of Republic of China-icon Provisional Government of Republic of ChinaballReformed Government of the Republic of China-icon Reformed Government of the Republic of ChinaballProvisional Government of Republic of China-icon East HebeiballGreat Way-icon Great WayballAzad Hind-icon Azad HindballJapanese Laos-icon Japanese LaosballMengjiang-icon MengjiangballManchukuo-icon ManchukuoballRepublic of Nanjing-icon Republic of NanjingballSecond Philippine Republic-icon Second Philippine RepublicballEmpire of Vietnam-icon Empire of VietnamballJapanese Taiwan-icon Japanese TaiwanballJapanese Korea-icon Japanese KoreaballYamato YukiharaballTianjin-icon Tianjin Concessionsball
Fascist Italy-icon TRAITOR! Pizza "Empire" of Italy Fascist Italy-icon
Puppet and Client states Albanian Kingdom-icon (1939-1943) Albanian KingdomballMonaco-icon MonacoballMacedonian Voivodeship-icon Principality of the PindusballFirst Slovak Republic-icon First Slovak RepublicballIndependent State of Croatia-icon Independent State of CroatiaballNazi occupied Greece-icon Greeceball (1941-1944)Fascist San Marino-icon Fascist San MarinoballTianjin-icon Tianjin ConcessionsballItalian Abyssinia-icon Italian Abyssiniaball
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