Albertvilleball is a cityball located in the Rhône-Alpesball region of Franceball. It is best known for hosting the 1992 Winter Olympics.


Albertvilleball was born in 1836 thanks to King Charles Albert of Sardiniaball, who in the 14th century merged two medieval townballs together. Since then, she has developed trade between her mother Franceball, her uncle Italyball and her friend Switzerlandball.

Albertvilleball loves sports. As mentioned, she proudly hosted the 1992 Winter Olympics and in the summer often hosts stages of the Tour de France cycling race and its warm-up race, the Critérium du Dauphiné.

Amis (Friends)

Adversaires (Enemies)

  • ISISball: Je do not of likings you after what yuo of did to mes chers amis Parisball et Niceball. Vous will of payings dearly for yuor evil, imbécile!

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