Amharaball is a regionball of Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball.


Amharaball was officay born as an 2-icon.png 2ball (migrated from Israel-icon.pngIsraelcube), adopted by D'mtball, Kingdom of Aksumball, Zagweball, Ethiopian Empireball, Italian East Africaball, Abyssiniaball, Dergball, PDR Ethiopiaball and Ethiopiaball.

It was known from the fact that all of the Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssinian kings and queens came from his clay, starting with sheba and ended with Haile Selassie-icon.png Haile Selassie. Amhara was also known to be the birthplace of Beta Israel-icon.png Beta Israel and the child of Solomon. They also do not know that they are extremely privileged in Ethiopia, since most Ethiopian textbook is from habesha writers. They are the second most populous ethnic group in Ethiopia and they like being relevant. He can sometimes be a Karen against Oromo-icon.png Oromos, so the oromos plan to do a recent Massacare agasint them.



  • Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball - Father! I love you so much. Thank you for protecting me against Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball and punishing Oromo-icon.png Oromiaball because he did a massacare against me. I love you so much. I appreciate bringing the abyssinian monarchy legacy. Our history will stay strong.
  • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - I have many jews in my clay at first, but then they all moved to your clay. I love the solomonic dynasty. Semitic Strong! Maybe we can study more about the history of the beta israelites
  • Beta Israel-icon.png Kingdom of Semiencube - Most of these guys move to Israelcube but I have a few here and we study history about their legacy. I protect them from jewophonics.


  • Ogadenia-icon.pngAfar-icon.pngHarari-icon.png The Somali Cult - These guys are strange, but they are acutally cool. They may have different beliefs, and may or not be responsible for pirate attacks, they all hate my evil neighboor Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball so they are cool.


  • Oromia-icon.png Oromiaball - Stupid hypocrits and murders. You deserve to be in JAIL for the RIOTS AND THE MASSACARES AGAINST ME. THE OLF IS NOTHING BUT DISTUSTING. Just like the BLM protest, your protest is nothing, nothing but pain to this country. You deserve to get side eyed by the police, because you are nothing but a murdeor.
  • Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball - REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE YOU BITCH, You fuckin stole my clay aggresor. You deserved to get punished by Father. Now I have a military base to go against you fucktard. We had a peace treaty but you broke it! How dare you cause drama and troubles into the country in Ethiopia. Now our economy is getting worse. The military coup is the punish you deserve. You imperalistic shit. You want independece? Nuh uh, not in father Ethiopiaballs watch. I thought your my good brother but you are done and evil for teaming up with Oromiaball against me. You big traitor. Your revolution is worthless. Also FLAG STEALER. You no longer have permission to steal my flag remove Remove REMOVE


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