Anaheimball is a cityball in California-icon Californiaball, USA-icon USAball. He was founded in 1857 ethnic Germans from San Francisco who named him Anaheim (German for Ana Home) after the Santa Ana River. He is located near Los Angeles-icon Los Angelesball and wants to be important. But that is hard when you are so near a big cityball. His biggest claim to fame, however, is the original Disneyland, and he attracts many tourists. He has two sports teams, the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He also thinks he can into best theme park land, but it has Orlando-icon Orlandoball as an enemy, because he has another Disney Theme Park (a really big one, with four theme parks inside) called Disney World and a lot more. This sometimes sends Anaheimball into a depression crisis, as he thinks he’s useless. Anaheimball is also home to VidCon.


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