Antarcticaball (ANTArcticA is an 🐜ant Arctic) also known as the 🐧 Frozen Penguin Empire is a continent located around the South Pole of the Earth-icon.png Earth. Antarctica is almost entirely covered in a thick layer of ice and snow and animals. Antarcticaball was the last land to be discovered which was 1820. Ever since it's discovery, there are UK-icon.png New Zealand-icon.png France-icon.png Norway-icon.png Australia-icon.png Chile-icon.png Argentina-icon.png Spain-icon.png USA-icon.png Russia-icon.png Japan-icon.png China-icon.png Peru-icon.png South Africa-icon.png Poland-icon.png Romania-icon.png some claiming on his clay(such as British Antarctica-icon.png the British). It has been a separate continent for around 40-80 million years, but has only been a frozen desert for 20 million years.

He hates the Flat Earth Society so much for denying his existence by thinking he is an giant ice wall (cough cough), but it has been proved that it's not, as Antarticaball is home to a lot of micronations. He also hates Kentucky-icon.png conspiracy theorists that say he is hiding Planet Nine from the view of Humanity-icon.png humans.

Antarcticaball can/cannot speak any language, therefore he has to resort to signing. Only a few countryballs understand him. those ones are Norway-icon.png Norwayball, Germany-icon.png Germanyball, New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball, Greenland-icon.png Greenlandball, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands-icon.png S. Georgiaball, Iceland-icon.png Icelandball, and Falklands-icon.png Falklandsball.

Antarctica in comics

Since 2013, Antarctica is always shown with a thick blue-white scarf and snow goggles. The flag it uses is the unofficial Flag of Antarctica (Graham Bartram Design).

Antarctica was a very uncommon character in comics for a long while. However, in mid-April 2014, this character has been popularized on Polandball. The Antarctica flair has also become more popular. First of all, Antarctica communicates only with signals with symbols (Ø = no, ✔ = yes, etc.). This is because Antarctica does not have any (official) language. Because Antarctica has no permanent population, there is no politics. Antarctica is not interested in any political ideology, nor in taking clay or other stuff some other countries want. Or not...

Antarctica is also mostly interested in scientific research because of this, hence many research bases located on Antarctica. Antarctica just chills out there. He doesn't bother anybody. His bork is sometimes cold cold or ice ice, but mainly it is NOOT NOOT, which is a reference to Pingu.

In April 2020, Antarctica had a close call with the coronavirus after a ship heading towards him had 60% of crew having coronavirus but was later returned to Montevideo port before the ship reached him.


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