Antarctica-icon.png Antarcticaball also known as the 🐧 Frozen Penguin Empire is a continent located around the South Pole of the Earth-icon.png Earth. Antarctica is almost entirely covered in a thick layer of ice and snow and animals. Antarcticaball was the last land to be discovered which was 1820. Ever since it's discovery, there are UK-icon.png New Zealand-icon.png France-icon.png Norway-icon.png Australia-icon.png Chile-icon.png Argentina-icon.png Spain-icon.png USA-icon.png Russia-icon.png Japan-icon.png China-icon.png Peru-icon.png South Africa-icon.png Poland-icon.png Romania-icon.png some claiming on its clay (such as British Antarctica-icon.png the British). It has been a separate continent for around 40-80 million years, but has only been a frozen desert for 20 million years. 

He hates the Flat Earth Society so much for denying his existence by thinking he's an giant ice wall cough cough , but it has been proved that it's not, as Antarctica-icon.png Antarticaball is home to a lot of micronations. He also hates Kentucky-icon.png conspiracy theorists that say he is hiding Planet Nine from the view of Humanity-icon.png humans.

Antarctica-icon.png Antarcticaball can/cannot speak any language, therefore he has to resort to signing. Only a few countryballs understand him. those ones are Norway-icon.png Norwayball, Germany-icon.png Germanyball, New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball, Greenland-icon.png Greenlandball, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands-icon.png S. Georgiaball, Iceland-icon.png Icelandball, and Falklands-icon.png Falklandsball.

Antarctica in comics

Since 2013, Antarctica-icon.png Antarctica is always shown with a thick blue-white scarf and snow goggles. The flag it uses is the unofficial Flag of Antarctica (Graham Bartram Design).

Antarctica-icon.png Antarctica was a very uncommon character in comics for a long while. However, in mid-April 2014, this character has been popularized on Polandball. The Antarctica flair has also become more popular. First of all, Antarctica-icon.png communicates only with signals with symbols (Ø = no, ✔ = yes, etc.). This is because Antarctica-icon.png Antarctica does not have any (official) language. Because Antarctica-icon.png Antarctica has no permanent population, there is no politics. Antarctica-icon.png Antarctica is not interested in any political ideology, nor in taking clay or other stuff some other countries want. Or not...

Antarctica-icon.png Antarctica is also mostly interested in scientific research because of this, hence many research bases located on Antarctica-icon.png Antarctica. Antarctica-icon.png Antarctica just chills out there. He doesn't bother anybody. It's bork is sometimes cold cold or ice ice, but mainly it is NOOT NOOT, which is a reference to Pingu.

In April 2020, Antarctica had a close call with the coronavirus after a ship heading towards him had 60% of crew having coronavirus but was later returned to Montevideo port before the ship reached him.


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