Antioquiaball is a department of Colombiaball.


Antioquiaball born as a 3ball, adopted by Spanish Empireball, Gran Colombiaball, Granadine Confederationball and Colombiaball.


Like Argentinaball , the other colombian balls think that it's an arrogant beast, this is because Medellínball is who speaks for him.

But it's  happy, worker, hospitalary and friendly, however he does not goes along with the others.


  • Wants independence of Colombiaball
  • Is famous because of its coffee
  • It descends of jews and basques
  • Is a good commerciant
  • Mantains economically Chocóball
  • Produces the majority of Colombiaball energy
  • Some times its confused with Saxonyball
  • Held one of Colombia's greatest drug cartels, the Cartel of Medellín.
  • Has most of its municipalities with paramilitar presence.
  • Cancer singer Maluma was born here.
  • Narco Former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez was born here.


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