Aragonball is an autonomous community of Spain-icon Spainball. Recently was recognized as historical nation in laws. Aragonball is of being nationalist againist Cataloniaball who often forges Aragonball history with political manipulation Aragonball is now irrelevant but in the past had a big crown which tell proudly. At the middle ages he had rivarly with Kingdom of Castileball but after they married and founded Spanish Empireball they became more friendly.

Aragonball is proud of his history and of jota. Also has a lot of old villages with very low population which are slowly degenerating.

Aragonball is in decadence after the war of the Spanish sucession after he lost his special laws and adopted Kingdom of Castileball language administrations and law as primary having remaining of his language on the north. Aragonball is salty about Cataloniaball having Lerida and Tortosa which in the past were Aragonese clay but can not do anything having only 1 million people Also gets angry when Cataloniaball speaks of Catalanoaragonese crown forging history with political nationalism

Aragonball is known in some countries for jota Aragonese people appear silly cateto to other Spanish but they are more clever than a lot of Spanish autonomous comunities. Aragonball suffered terrorist attacks of a Basqueball terrorist group in his capital.

Aragonball have a growing number of migrants of Morrocoball and of Romaniaball. Aragonball can not into relevance in spanish parlament cause few votes. After rise of Cataloniaball nationalism Aragonball is slowly developing hate to Cataloniaball for robbed goods[Sijena] Cataloniaball forgery in history and culture and for low funding after being loyal to Spainball hundreds of years. Often gets depressed and thinks is left alone to his own luck.