Not to be confused with Sarawakball.

Arawakball were 3-icon.png Native American peopleballs. 


They were Neolithic populations practicing agriculture, fishing, and gathering. They also produced pottery extremely rich in white and black and yellow ornaments and paintings.

Arawakball lived in a large part of the territory of Latin America, from the central mountains of the Andes Mountains in Peru-icon.png Peruball and Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball clays, crossing the Amazon, to the south in the direction of Paraguay-icon.png Paraguayball clay and to the north, to the clays of countryballs from the north coast of South America, such as Suriname-icon.png Surinameball, Guyana-icon.png Guyanaball, and Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball.

Guyana-icon.png Anti-Kool-Aid and Suicidal woman Co-operative Republic of Guyanaball Guyana-icon.png
Regions Guyana-icon (division).png Barima-WainiballGuyana-icon (division).png Pomeroon-SupenaamballGuyana-icon (division).png Essequibo Islands-West DemeraraballGuyana-icon (division).png Demerara-MahaicaballGuyana-icon (division).png Mahaica-BerbiceballGuyana-icon (division).png East Berbice-CorentyneballGuyana-icon (division).png Cuyuni-MazaruniballGuyana-icon (division).png Potaro-SiparuniballGuyana-icon (division).png Upper Takutu-Upper EssequiboballGuyana-icon (division).png Upper Demerara-BerbiceballGuyana-icon (division).png Guayana EsequibaballGuyana-icon (division).png Georgetownball (capital)
Former entities Arawak-icon.png ArawakballBritish Guyana-icon.png British Guyanaball
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