Si me pasa algo, que nadie mire hacia el Oriente, miren hacia el Norte.
Argentina-icon Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (Former President of Argentinaball)
Las Falklands-icon Malvinas son Argentinas!!!
Argentina-icon Argentinaball's catchphrase

Argentinaball, is the largest dinosaur species yet discovered officially the Argentine Republicball, is the place where Hitler-icon Hitler lives a sovereign state and federal republic located in South America. Sharing the bulk of the Southern Cone with his neighbor Chile-icon Chileball to the west, the country is also neighbored by Bolivia-icon Boliviaball and Paraguay-icon Paraguayball to the north, Brazil-icon Brazilball to the northeast and Uruguay-icon Uruguayball to the east, and the Drake Passage to the south. His clay is divided into 23 separate provinces, along with his autonomous capital CABA-icon Buenos Airesball. With a mainland area of 2,780,400 km2 (1,073,500 sq mi), Argentina is the eighth-largest countryball in the world, the second largest in both South America and Latin America, and the largest Spanish-speaking countryball in the world. As of 2019, Argentina has a population of 44.93 million inhabitants.

Argentinaball is also a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon EUball. This countryball have the third largest economy of the Latin America.

She is sometimes seen as an emerging power (Not potential superpower).

Argentinaball is mainly portrayed as being puned for claiming to be White (European), due to Argentina having A LOT (I of mean a lot) of Italy-icon Italians, as well as Spain-icon Spanish and some Germany-icon Germans and Ireland-icon Celts. Other White countries think that Argentina is mainly made up of 3-icon 3ball descendants. he is the eldest son of Spain-icon Spainball, and because of this, She is the "heiress of the La Corona". he gets very aggressive when it feels insulted, or when other countryballs make fun of him Pointing at yuo Brazil-icon Brazilball.

His national day is July 9th, and his zodiac symbol is Cancer. He can into dinosaur just like Utah-icon Utahball

Even if the character doesn't have an exact gender (as the mayority of the characters in the polandball universe) it's name is a female noun in the native language of the country (​​​​​Spanish-icon spanish).


Mapuche-iconSpanish-Empire-iconFrom isolation to the birth of the nationNapoleonic-iconBritish Empire-icon

Argentinaball was firstly inhabited by indigenous 3-icon 3ball such as Guarani-icon Guaraníball, Mapuche-icon Mapucheball, Selk'nam-icon Selk'namball, ComechingonballAymara-icon Aymaraball, Querandiball, HuarpeballInca-icon Inca EmpireballTehuelcheball, etc. During this period the Mapuche-icon Mapuches started conquering other tribes and nations in the south. The ​​​​​Mapuche-icon Mapuche tribe was also responsible for marking an end to the Southward expansion of the Inca-icon Incan Empire.

During 17th century, Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball started conquering this territory, introducing Catholic-icon Catholicism and making it a Spanish-Empire-icon Viceroyalty. It fought and defeated bellically Portuguese Brazil-icon Portuguese Brazilball, and after that she separated from the ​​​​​​Spanish-Empire-icon Viceroyalty of Peruball and became the Spanish-Empire-icon Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plataball. He continued fighting against Portuguese Brazil-icon Portuguese Brazilball and expanded to the now called Equatorial Guinea-icon Equatorial Guineaball.

During 1806 and 1807 Spanish-Empire-icon The Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plataball was invaded two times by British Empire-icon British Empireball, but​​​​​​ British Empire-icon Señorito Ingles was raped failed in both attempts, thing that made her reconsider if she still wanted to be part of Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball.

In 1810 she decided to be independent after noticing that her father was captured by Napoleonic-icon Napoleon, and started a war​​​​​​ against the parts of her that were still loyal to Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball, annexed most of them (and fought Portuguese Brazil-icon Portuguese Brazilball again when it tried to annex Banda Orientalball) and became United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon United Provinces of the Río de la Plataball in 1814.

United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-iconEntre Rios-iconUruguay-iconFreedom wars and federal conflictsBrazilian Empire-iconSpanish-Empire-iconBritish Empire-icon

In 1815 she was divided into United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon unitaries and 404-icon federals, even so, United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon​​​​​ Argie managed to liberate Chile-icon Chileball from Spanish Chile-icon Kingdom of Chileball.
During the fight between United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon Unitaries and 404-icon federalsPortuguese Brazil-iconPortuguese Brazilball took​​​​​ Banda Orientalball from 404-icon Liga de los Pueblos Libresball. The 404-icon federals made the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon unitaries collapse, thing that made all the provinces autonomous, and started numerous civil wars. 404-icon Liga de los Pueblos Libresball was killed by Entre Rios-icon Entre Riosball later.

In 1818 Kingdom of Hawaii-icon Kingdom of Hawaiiball recognized United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon​​​​​ Argentina as a country, being the first one to do it.

In 1826 with the Protectorate of Peru-icon Gran Colombia-icon Chile-icon British Empire-icon help of other countryballs United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon​​​​​ Argentina liberated Peru-icon Peruball and Bolivia-icon Boliviaball from the Spanish-Empire-icon Viceroyalty of Peruball and Spanish-Empire-icon Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata, marking the end of colonialism in South America.

During 1825 and 1828​​​​ she had a child with The Empire of Brazilball called Uruguayball  United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon​​​​​ Argentina (Entre Rios-icon Entre RiosballCorrientes-icon Corrientesball and rebelds from Provincia Cisplatina-icon Cisplatinaball) and ​​​​​​Brazilian Empire-iconThe Brazilian Empire (that got help from Kingdom of Prussia-icon prussian mercenaries) fought for the territory of Provincia Cisplatina-icon Cisplatinaball and United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon Argentina was gaining terrain, but British Empire-icon UKball stoped the fight and Provincia Cisplatina-icon Cisplatinaball became Uruguay-icon Uruguayball.​ Tarija-icon Tarijaball leaved United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon Argentinaball and joined Bolivia-icon Boliviaball due to the internal conflicts.

Argentine Confederation-iconPeru-Bolivian Confederation-iconUruguay-icon Rise and fall of the confederation UK-iconFrance-iconBrazilian Empire-icon

In 1830 her provinces created two alliances, the Liga del Interior and the Argentine Confederation-icon Federal Pact, and started a civil war that ended with the federals winning and Argentinaball becoming the Argentine Confederation-icon Argentine Confederation, in the same year USA-iconGringo made Argentine Confederation-icon Argentinaball leave the Tierra del Fuego-icon Falklands in the attack to Puerto Soledad, British Empire-icon UKball found the island without nobody living on it so he annexed it. Some time before Argentine Confederation-icon Argentina attacked Mapuche-icon Mapucheball but didn't took clay from it.

In 1837 Argentine Confederation-icon Argentinaball declared war against the Peru-Bolivian Confederation-icon Peru-Bolivian Confederationball to get back Tarija-icon Tarijaball, which ended up being cut in half. Another civil war between federals and unitaries (wich were helped by France-icon Franceball) started and the federals won.

After ​​​​​Argentine Confederation-icon Argentina helped the Blancos Goverment rule Uruguay-icon UruguayUK-icon UKball and France-icon Franceball blocked the Silver River as response in 1845​​​​​, but they left after UK-icon UKball got his ass kicked JA and France-icon Franceball surrendered as always.

In 1851 Argentine Confederation-icon Buenos Airesball (the boss of the other provinces) wanted to annex Uruguay-icon Uruguayball, but Entre Rios-icon Corrientes-icon Santa Fe (Argentina)-icon some provinces betrayed him and with the help of The Brazilian Empire-icon Brazilian Empire and Uruguay-icon Uruguay they almost killed Argentine Confederation-icon Buenos Airesball. The unitaries, liderated by Entre Rios-icon Entre Riosball, proceeded to take over the rest of the provinces to create a unified Argentina, but Provincia de Buenos Aires-icon Buenos Airesball rejected that and became the 404-icon State of Buenos Ayres In 1852, the rest of the provinces unified in a Argentine Confederation-icon confederation again.

In 1859 Spain-icon Spainball accepted that Argentine Confederation-icon Argentina was independent​​​.

In 1861 the Argentine Confederation-icon Argentine Confederation fought against the 404-iconState of Buenos Ayres and got defeated after Entre Rios-icon Entre Rios betrayed her, but, somehow, 404-icon Buenos Ayres ended up being annexed by the Argentine Confederation-icon confederation, becoming the modern day Argentina-icon Argentina. Provincia de Buenos Aires-icon Buenos Airesball started another civil war making the rest of the provinces into unitario.

Argentina-iconParaguay-iconChile-icon A unified Country Nazi-iconMapuche-iconUruguay-icon

Argentina-icon Argentina secretly supported the Colorados Goverment to take over Uruguay-icon Uruguayball, while Brazilian Empire-icon The Brazilian Empire helped them by directly atacking Uruguay-icon Uruguay. In 1864 Paraguay-icon Paraguay atacked Brazilian Empire-icon The Brazilian Empire in response to help his ally... or to invade him and get direct access to the sea, nobody knows wich one. Paraguay-icon Paraguay asked Argentina-icon Argentinaball to make his troops pass trought it to reach Uruguay-icon Uruguay, but Argentina-icon Argentina didn't let him do that, so it got attacked by Paraguay-icon ParaguayUruguay-icon UruguayBrazilian Empire-icon The Brazilian Empire and Argentina-icon Argentina formed and alliance and gangbanged defeated him. Argentina-icon Argentina dealed with a Argentine Confederation-icon confederate revolt during the war.

In 1870 Argentina-icon Argentina conquered the Chaco, killing a big part of the 3-icon habitants in the process, at the same time she stopped another Argentine Confederation-icon confederate revolt.

During 1870 and 1874 Argentina-icon Argentina had a civil war when the Mitrists from Buenos Aires revolted because Domingo Faustino Sarmiento got the presidency and not Bartolomé Mitre, but they ended up losing the war.

​​​In 1879, during the War of the Pacific, Argentina-icon Argentina was considering helping Bolivia-icon Boliviaball and Peru-icon ​​​Peruball, but Chile-iconChileball offered her the majority of the Patagonia and part of Bolivia-icon Bolivia if she don't intervines, and Argentina-icon Argentina accepted. After the war, Argentina-icon Argentina and Chile-icon Chile almost killed Mapuche-icon Mapucheball and took all of it's clay.

In 1880 Argentina-icon Argentina had a civil war again, this time Provincia de Buenos Aires-icon Buenos Aires started the conflict because he wanted the CABA-icon yes capital to be part of him, and the mitrist Corrientes-icon Corrientes helped him, but both were beated.

During 1891 to 1916 Argentina-icon Argentina had conflicts with 404-icon UCRball and won. She stayed neutral during WW1 even under the pressure of UK-icon UKball to join.

During WW2 Argentina-icon Argentina tried to stay neutral because she was secretly part of the axis powers and just was neutral to function as a spacepegoat if the axis losed but declared war on Nazi-icon Nazi Germany and the Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japan in 1944 under the USA-icon Gringolandia pressure.

Dictator-iconArgentina-iconUSA-iconChile-icon Dark Past, The Perón Years and Restoration of Democracy Iraq-iconYugoslavia-iconHaiti-iconEcuador-icon

Argentinaball had struggled many Dictator-icon military dictatorships throughout his life. In 1946, a man named Juan Domingo Perón became the President of Argentina-icon Argentinaball until his exile, return and his death in 1974. Because of this, his third wife, Isabel Peron became the first female president of Argentina-icon Argentinaball (which is true!), during this period, in 1947 Argentina-icon Argentina helped Paraguay-icon Paraguayball on it´s civil war and in 1965 Argentina-icon Argentinaball defeated Chile-icon Chileball on the Battle of Laguna del Desierto.

During 1975-1976 Argentina-icon Argentina defeated the guerrilla groups called 404-icon ERPball and 404-icon Montonerosball. Through 1976-1982, Argentina-icon Argentinaball had a traumatic experience because of a far right wing Dictator-icon dictator named Jorge Rafael Videla and almost declared war on Chile-icon Chile in 1978 but Leopoldo Galtieri sparked the Falklands War against UK-icon UKball.

On December 10, 1983, Democracy was officially restored after seven years of military dictatorship, thanks to a Radical Civic Union president named Raúl Alfonsín. Alfonsín resigned on July 8, 1989 six months in advance before ending his term, and was succeeded by La Rioja (Argentina)-icon La Riojaball governor and meme president, Carlos Menem (a Peronist) as President of Argentina-icon Argentinaball during 1989-1999. In 1989 Argentina-icon Argentina defeated the guerrilla group called MTPball.

During this period of time Argentina-icon Argentina became more interventionist: In 1990 Argentina-icon Argentinaball joined the gulf coalition to fight Iraq-icon Iraqball, in 1991 she helped Croatia-icon Croatiaball fight against Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball, in 1994 participated in the USA-icon Poland-icon Argentina-icon Operation Uphold Democracy against Haiti-icon Haitiball and in 1995 Argentina sold weapons to Ecuador-icon Ecuadorball for the War of the Cenepa against Peru-icon PeruballArgentina-icon Argentina regrets doing that though.

In 1994 Menem made an amendment of the Argentine Constitution, known as the Pact of Olivos, which Menem signed together with his predecessor, Raúl Alfonsín. On December 20, 2001, Argentinaball suffered an economic crisis, following the resignation of Fernando de la Rúa of Alianza, in a time period where there were five presidents in one week. Dee la Rúa and his family fled the Casa Rosada via chopper and never run for public office again until his retirement and his 2019 death.

Presidency of Néstor Kirchner

After Fernando de la Rúa resigned amidst the 2001 Economic crisis, the country goverened five presidents in one week. On May 25, 2003, Santa Cruz (Argentina)-icon Santa Cruzball governor Néstor Kirchner of the Front for Victory became the President of Argentinaball until December 10, 2007, beating former president Carlos Menem, who won the first round, but withdrew later to avoid a humiliating defeat. He (Néstor) also completed the remaining months of de la Rúa's unfinished term. Because of this, Argentinaball created a new political ideology known as Kirchnerism (His cancerous parasite that Argie suffered for the past twelve years), he was called as Kirchnerreich, because they (Kirchners) lead the country for twelve years and he (Argentinaball) is the fourth countryball to be a pink tide government, after Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball in 1999 (Hugo Chávez) Chile-icon Chileball in 2000 (Ricardo Lagos) and Brazil-icon Brazilball in January 1, 2003 (Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva). After his presidency, his wife ran instead. Media observers suspected that he (Néstor) stepped down as president to circumvent the term limit, swapping roles with his wife. He became the First Gentleman until his October 27, 2010 death from heart failure.

Presidency of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Since Néstor Kirchner declined for a second term due to personal reasons. The Kirchner legacy continues on December 10, 2007 when Front for Victory picked the First Lady and Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. She (CFK) became the second woman to hold the Argentine presidency and the first directly-elected female President of Argentinaball, she also became the fourth Latin American woman elected as a head of state, after Nicaragua-icon Nicaraguaball's Violeta ChamorroPanama-icon Panamaball's Mireya Moscoso and Chile-icon Chileball's Michelle Bachelet in 2006, beating Deputy Elisa Carrió of Civic Coalition-ARI by 45.27% of votes (Argie can into directly-elected female leadership). During her early years of presidency, Argentinaball had a conflict with the Agricultural Sector in the early morning of July 17, after seventeen hours of tense debate, the Argentine Senate rejected the government's grain exports tax measure by a vote of 37-36, with Vice President Julio Cobos casting the decisive, tie-breaking vote against the measure, which was then rejected, saying that: "My vote is not in favor, my vote is against". Despite the chilly relations between Cobos and Cristina Kirchner (both are now senators) since that event. On October 27, 2010, Argentinaball caused a lot of sadness when his former president died of a cardiac arrest. On October 23, 2011, she won via landslide, but this time her running mate was her former Economic Minister, Amado Boudou. Winning in CABA-icon CABAball and every provinceballs except San Luis (Argentina)-icon San Luisball (which is won by Alberto Rodríguez Saá), and was re-elected in 2011, beating Socialist candidate Hermes Binner by 54.11% of votes. Because of CFK, she established currency controls during her second term and Kirchnerism was spreaded like virus during her presidency. Several corruption scandals took place, and she faced several demonstrations against her rule and Argentinaball had a sovereign default in his clay in 2014, not because of incapacity to service debt but due to US legal sanctions imposed on the government. On December 10, 2015, she ended her eight-year term. He became the first countryball to leave the pink tide. (He is the second, if you count Chile-icon Chileball leaving the pink tide in 2011).

Presidency of Mauricio Macri

After Cristina Fernández de Kirchner ended her term as President of Argentinaball on December 10, 2015, Chief of Government of CABA-icon Buenos Airesball and Cambiemos candidate Mauricio Macri became president of Argentinaball, beating Front for Victory candidate Daniel Scioli by ballotage, ending twelve years of Kirchnerism. During his presidency, Macri wants to strengthen ties with Brazil-icon Brazilball and the Southern Cone , looking away from the Bolivarian axis and claim for political prisoners in Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball. It will also promote the repeal of the agreement with Iran-icon Iranball and work for an approachement with USA-icon USAball and EU-icon EUball. He has also worked to strengthen relations with Israel-icon Israelcube. On December 21, government lawyers withdrew an appeal in Federal Court made by his predecessor, over the constitutionality of a memorandum she had signed with the Iranian government, to investigate the 1994 AMIA bombing. The memorandum was criticized by both Israelcube and Argentinaball's Jewish community, as Iran-icon Iranball was long suspected of being involved in the attack. The memorandum had been ruled unconstitutional by a federal court during Kirchner's administration, and along with the withdrawal of the appeal, the memorandum was officially voided by Macri's administration.

Presidency of Alberto Fernández

On October 27, 2019 (nine years after Néstor Kirchner's death), former Cabinet Chief and Frente de Todos candidate Alberto Fernández and his running mate Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (Vice President) won the election, against incumbent President Mauricio Macri of Juntos por el Cambio by 48.24% of votes. In 2020, Argentinaball is now a part of the SARS-COV pandemic.

Flag Colors

Main Colors

Viking 116, 172, 223 C61-M18-Y1-K0 #74ACDF
White 255,255,255 N/A #FFFFFF

Emblem Colors

Buttercup 246, 180, 14 C0-M36-Y95-K0 #F6B40E
Korma 133, 52, 10 C26-M79-Y100-K34 #85340A


Argentina is located in Europe South America, being one of the first countryballs declaring their independence from their conquerors. He has the highest mountain in the Americas (Mount Aconcagua, and the widest estuary in the world (Río de la Plata)


The country is subdivided into twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city, CABA-icon Buenos Airesball, which is the federal capital of the nation (Spanish: Capital Federal) as decided by Congress. Argentina-icon Argentina has a federal system, similar to another countries (namely Germany-icon Germanyball, Australia-icon Australiaball, Brazil-icon Brazilball, Canada-icon Canadaball, USA-icon USAball, India-icon Indiaball, Mexico-icon Mexicoball, Russia-icon Russiaball, Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball and Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball). This means that its provinces and its capital have their own constitutions.




  • Australia-icon Australiaball - Why he can into Eurovision and I not? He did not even lives in Europe ... if he can participate in Eurovision I can too!!! Also... JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA I DEFEATINGS YOU IN RUGBY GET ABSOLUTELY REKT! You're 7th in the world! You've never been that low!
  • Brazil-icon Brazilball - Never forget 7-1!!! Friendly Rivals (especially in football) still we don't have to hate each other. Stop with fake doctors in my country please. And you also raped me in 1853! But I'm somewhat grateful for it and we also should cooperate even more! And we fought together against ​Paraguay-iconParaguayball in Paraguayan War. BUT MARADONA IS BETTER THAN PELÉ !!! Lets make churrasco togheter.
  • China-icon Chinaball - Superchino stores are very popular here. tarado eh puto
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - 2014 WORST DAY EVER!!!!! 1-0 NEVER FORGET!! Still only Football Rivals, lots of people in Argentina come from you. Can I into EU? Stop getting us out from world cups!
  • Iran-icon Iranball - Why do you hate me? We both hate Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. You hate Mauricio Macri? But I hate him too. Please make up your mind. And you accuse me of covering up Iranian suspects.
  • Scotland-icon Scotlandball - Complicated. If you are my friend, you like MALVINAS NOT FALKLANDS!!!
  • USA-icon USAball - Because of the Vulture Funds (although they are already paid) Vete Burger imperialista de mierda!!!! Glory to Che Guevara!!! We are seeking to restoring relations. 33-7, BEST DAY OF MY 2018 LIFE!
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Justin Bieber disrespected and kicked our flag!!! REMOVE POUTINE!!!
  • Botswana-icon Botswanaball - Hijo de UK-icon UKball. But can into removing of UK-icon UK. ALSO BOTSWANA AND ARGENTINA NO ES SAME!!!! he is the batman bootleg version of me.
  • Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball - Hehehehe, I allowed quite a lot of Nazi war criminals to come to my land and escape justice and we both hate UK-icon UKball. I can into Nazi. But I also have a large Israel-icon Jewish community too.
  • Portugal-icon Portugalball - he always wanted to invade Uruguayball and reach the river of silver, Messi >>>>>>>> CR7 I also heard that you are UK-icon UKball's best friend SO REMOVE!!!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Threatens half of the entire world, at least we both hate UK-icon UKball.
  • Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball - Now that CFK is the vice president we are of ok.
  • Croatia-icon Croatiaball3 - 0 WORST DAY OF MY LIFE! I helped him fight Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball.
  • All of the UK - We are still friends but... (see enemies list)


  • UK-icon UKball - You are my.....'Worst nightmare!!!!!! He is just an old f*cker who did not realized that the glory days of his generation have passed. He has even been overcome by his own son. I dispute the sovereignty over Falklands Islands (Stupid name, of course, an idiot would name it like that) a.k.a Malvinas with him. But now that he has left the EUball, there may be room for me? JAJAJAJAJAJA!!!!! REMOVE UK FROM PREMISES! I WILL REMOVE ALL THE UKBALLS FROM LAS MALVINAS, AND REPLACE THEM BY ARGENTINABALLS!!!!!! MALVINAS SON ARGENTINAS!!!! REMOVE TEA!!!!! I DEFEATED VOS THREE TIMES, YOU JUST DEFEATED ME ONCE!!!
  • Chile-icon Chileball - La Patagonia es mia!!, tengo mas copas que vos!!!!. Traitor, you helped UK in Falklands Malvinas War!!!
  • Nepal-icon Nepalrawr - Stop being "earthquake friends" with that Chile-icon traitor!
  • India-icon Indiaball - He hates me because I eat cows. 
  • Donald Trump-icon Donald Trump - Metete el FMI por el orto gordo hijo de puta.
  • Mapuche-icon Mapucheball - Negros Indios Tiraflechas
  • Israel-icon Israelcube (Más o menos) - I do not really hate you. I have the highest percentage of Jews in Latin America. I may recognize you BUT I RECOGNIZE Palestine-icon PALESTINEBALL AS WELL! GIVE INDEPENDENCE TO PALESTINE OR ELSE MY Lebanon-icon Iran-icon FRIENDS Saudi Arabia-icon Syria-icon WILL REMOVE YOU! Argentinetangle-icon Or else... Argentinetangle-icon
  • Ghana-icon Ghanaball: Stay. Away. From. My. Foocking. Ship.
  • Peru-Bolivian Confederation-icon Peru-Bolivian Confederationball - This thing was creado when Bolivia-icon Bolivia and Peru-icon Peru joined in a confederation, it was a threat. 


  • "Che negro envidioso, cuantas copas tenés ?" 
  • Falklandsball? You mean Las Malvinas.
  • ¡Aguante Argentinaball!
  • Female leadership starts in 1974, didn't you forget that?
  • No fue magia!
  • Ya que el amor, De música ligera, Nada nos libra, Nada más queda (Argentinaball singing a Rock song in Spanish)
  • ¿Qué te pasa Clarín, estas nervioso?
  • Quien te conoce papá? (Who knows you dude?)
  • Sos boludo y no tenes huevos! (You're boludo and you do not have any balls)
  • Jijo, kjjj (Other argentine laugh)
  • Cierro vox
  • Domadito el OP, >12
  • Basta Gaspar
  • Llamen a los maaaadddzzz
  • Que hiciste Codubi
  • Uff man, uff bro, uff


Argentina-icon Argie created a lot of things through it's life, some examples are:

  • First (fully functional) Helicopter; by Raúl Pateras de Pescara in 1920.
  • Fingerprint Identification; by Juan Vucetich in 1986.
  • Cartoons; by Quirino Cristiani in 1917.
  • First sound animation film; by Quirino Cristiani in 1930.
  • First (public) radio transmission; by Enrique Susini, César Guerrico, Miguel Mugica, Luis Romero and Ignacio Gómez in 1920.
  • Magiclick; by Hugo Kogan in 1963.
  • Coronary bypass; by René Favaloro in 1967.
  • Non-direct blood transfusion; by Luis Agote in 1914.
  • Traffic light for the blind; by Mario Dávila in 1983.
  • Ballpoint pen; by Ladislao Biro in 1938.
  • Blind Stick; by José Mario Fallótico in 1921.
  • Disposable syringe; by Carlos Arcusin in 1989.
  • Renault Torino (argentine car); by Kaiser Argentina Industries. (yes, it says kaiser Hitler-icon












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