— Arushaball

Arushaball is the capital city of Arusha Provinceball, Tanzania-icon Tanzaniaball. He is a beautiful city and is very nice. Buses from Nairobiball, Kenya-icon Kenyaball drop people off in Arushaball. He is very welcoming to his visitors. He does have a darker side that he prefers not to show to visitors, he is rather poor and has many beggars, his job is to sell newspapers for his father, Arushaball. He is sometimes also called Arusha Cityball for people don't get him and His father mixed up. He loves to climb and has a pet Lovebird and a pet Monkey that he likes to show off to visitors. He always gives his visitors the same food, for breakfast Crepes and Cornflakes with Orange juice and for dinner, Cucumber Soup.

His geography

Arushaball is in Northeastern Tanzania-icon Tanzaniaball in Arusha provinceball. He is located below Mt Meru. he is in the Eastern branch of the Great Rift Valley.


Arushaball has many friends and family since he is very social.

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