Ashkenazimcube is a Jewish ethno-religion located primarily in a part of Eastern Europe known as the Pale Settlement, today ashkenazi jews live mainly in USAball and Israelcube. Most Jews claim this ethno-religion as their culture. There's a thesis that makes them descending from Khazariacube.


After the Roman conquest of Israelite Canaanball, all Canaanite Jews were forced to flee to other areas; many of those Jews fled to Europe. Though originally very dispersed, most of those European Jews ended up in the Pale Settlement because anti-Semitism was less pravelent in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball than in anywhere else in Europe. Eastern Europe became the center for worldwide Judaismcube.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, many Ashkenazi Jews emigrated from Europe to USAball to have more socioeconomic opportunity and less anti-Semitism. Others moved to Israelcube to pursue the dream of Zionism. Then, during World War 2, Nazi Germanyball committed the Holocaust, killing most of the European Jews. After World War 2, most of the remaining Ashkenazi Jews in Europe moved to either USAball or Israelcube.

How to draw

Ashkenazismcube is the evolution of the Jews in the Germanic Europe.

  1. Draw the basic cube with two black lines
  2. Draw a black Menorah in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.