Ashmore and Cartier Islandsball is a dependent territory of Australia-icon.pngAustraliaball. Its clay is in a tropical environment, 100 miles south of Indonesia, and it consists of low lying islands. It involves reefs and stuff. It is controlled by a government department on Australian Capital Territory-icon.png Canberraball's clay. Also, it's (sort of) uninhabited.

Issues on these islands

  • Stop The Boats- basically, the territory has been used as a stopover for people smugglers on the way to Australia, despite its only wells being undrinkable and infected with cholera (bit of a bummer yay). There was also an incident where a boat remained for several days in the territory, refusing to be sent back to Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball's clay, following the new Stop The Boats policy put in place by the Abbott Government.



  • Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball - You are Ukrainian clay! I support Ukraine over you! And stop calling me Indonesian!

How to draw

Ashmore and Cartier Islandsball is based on the British Red Ensign.

  1. Color the basic circle stripe of this blue
  2. Draw the Union Jack in the up-left quarter (using this red and white)
  3. Draw the coat of arms of Ashmore and Cartier Islands as in the flag
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

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