Asturiasball is a region of Spain-icon Spainball.


Asturiasball was a 2ball, adopted by SPQRball, Western Roman Empireball, Kingdom of the Suebiball, Visigothic Kingdomball, Kingdom of Leónball, Kingdom of Castileball, Spanish Empireball, Francoist Spainball and Spainball.

Asturiasball was the first Kebab remover of Europe and was a former kingdomball.

Asturiasball spoke Asturian until Castileball humiliated the Asturians. Now the corrupt politicians of Spainball say Asturian is a dialect.

It always rains in its territory and the landscape is really green and mountainous. Perfect for raising cows and planting apple trees, to make cider with. Exports milk to the rest of the kingdom. But he is rarely relevant.


  • He secretly admires Brittanyball, because they love cider and annoying traditional songs.
  • Like Galiciaball, wants to be a Celtic nation.
  • Likes bagpipes.
  • Likes cider.
  • Likes Asturian fabada.

How to draw

Drawing Asturiasball is simple:

  1. Color the basic circle shape with this blue.
  2. Draw a yellow cross pattern with an alpha (A) and an omega (Ω).
  3. Draw the eyes and you're done.


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