Atheismball is a thought (NOT A RELIGION!!) that doesn't believe in any God-icon God.Some Religionballs don't anger Atheismball as much. Atheismball is more tolerant to more progressive balls because they are better to the people. Catholicball and Orthodoxyball are less angering than Islamball and Protestantball. His political ideology is largely libertarian and easy-going, though religious nuts can easily drive him mad. North Koreaball, Estoniaball and Czechiaball are Atheist for above 80% of their total population.

He uses principles of science and logic (such as the Russell's teapot, radiometric dating, problem of evil, etc.) to disprove various parts of the numerous holy books of various religions, often discovering plenty of contradictions, circular reasoning, human rights violations and plain old absurdities within the books along the way.

Whilst Atheismball is often angry at times, he usually is because of constant persecution by Religionballs, which has occurred throughout history and is still happening in countries such as Iranball. He is even ironically being called a terrorist by Saudi Arabiaball.


Atheism has existed as long as Religionballs existed, whether on Earthball or on other planets with 6balls.

Atheism grew much further in Europe during the Age of Enlightenment, as religionballs had been bickering amongst one another. However, he remained small during this period. It was also in this period where Atheismball's close ally Secularismball first appeared and began pushing religionballs out of governance.

First French Republicball (Now Franceball) created the Cult of Reasonball, mainly to purge Catholicismball as an element of monarchist elements. The Cult of Reasonball is sort of 'sect' but not fully. CoRball believes that 'Truth, Liberty and Reason' are important and part of him, so he went around, killing Catholicismballs, helping the Terror get worse, by guillotining them. He also murdered Protestantismballs in the South. While also being erratic and aggressive, mostly taking from his father (Atheismball) but for different reasons, his Atheismifying France worked, although it also killed thousands and Atheismball later rejected CoRball's violence.

Atheism took a huge rise during the 20th century, when communist countryballs (especially Soviet Unionball and PSR Albaniaball) started promoting state atheism, officially due to Marx's thoughts on religion as a whole (in fact most commies wanted to establish personality cults around leaders instead). To escalate this, they destroyed religious houses like churches and cathedrals, mosques, temples, etc. and executing priests or sending them to gulag camps, forcing people to abandon their religions. During the Fall of Communism, revolutions took place (like in Poland) as one of the reasons were religious persecution. The irony is that Atheismball always criticizes religionballs today because of some religious persecutions that some of these religionballs made against each other in the past, but himself has also made religious persecutions.

Atheismball nowadays has largely disassociated itself from communism (because of said personality cults) and is trying to defend Secularismball and science against renewed attack by more fundamentalist religionballs, but is sometimes too busy in real life riding buses like a maniac.

Most Atheist countries

Countries with Death Penalty on Atheists




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