Not to be confused with Athensball (Greece)

Athensball is a cityball in Georgiaball (state), USAball. It shares a name with Athensball of Greeceball.


Athensball's clay was, at first, the property of 3balls and then was inhabited by Cherokeeball and Creekball. Athensball was later explored by Spainball, and colonized by UKball, when it became part of Thirteen Coloniesball and Georgiaball (state), which it remains part of to this day. Following USAball's independence, Athensball was briefly a part of CSAball, but then returned to control of USAball.

It has the Georgian Museum of Art, which has been the official state museum of Georgia since 1982.  

How to draw

This is how you draw Athensball:

  1. Color the circle green.
  2. Draw a yellow circle to be the base of the sun.
  3. Draw a red stripe over the bottom half of the sun, extending all the way across the circle. Add the strange protrusion on the left side.
  4. Add 9 irregular beams coming off of the rising sun. Draw a green moon with a yellow border on the intersection of the two red stripes.
  5. Draw a green ring over the center of the sun and half of the main red stripe.
  6. Add eyes. You can omit step 5 and draw the eye in place of the green ring.

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