Atibaiaball is a São Paulo-iconSão Pauloball city, who plant strawberries and love flowers!


The history of Atibaia is linked with the "bandeirantes"(mans who explored Portuguese Brazil-iconPortuguese Brazilball ). When a bandeirante called "Jerônimo de Camargo" was fixed in this local, building a farm and a chapel for Saint John the Baptist inaugurated in June,24 of 1665.

A time later the priest Mateus Nunes de Siqueira came from the backwoods with a group of catechized indians and settled in the local.

In this moment the local was fixed was required local to go to Minas Gerais-icon Minas Geraisball to mine and developed slowly.

The church has been cured in 1679 and get a own priest. A long time later in 1707 Jerônimo de Camargo died in Jundiaíball but your descendants continued your work in the farm and in august,13 of 1747, the now village turned in "parish" and born the district of São João de Tybhaia.

A little time ago Portuguese Brazil-iconPortuguese Brazilball raised São João de Tybhaia to village and county!

There has been instaled the first county chamber and a pillory.

With the own administration the village progressed quickly with help of agriculture. And finally get the title of county in april,22 of 1864, and in 1905 the county became Atibaia.

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Atibaia in São Paulo

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