Oh, my God, that was absolute hell! I just...I don't understand why...I mean, we're in a galaxy far, far away, and we still have to change in Atlanta.
— Peter Griffin

Atlantaball is the capital city of Georgiaball (the USA one). He can into busiest airport on Earth.


Atlantaball was founded by Creekball and Cherokeeball, but colonized by CSAball and USAball. It is the headquarters of CNN and Cartoon Network as well as Coca-Cola, The Elephant 6 Recording Company, and the hometown of The Brothers Chaps, the creators of Homestar Runner. He hosted the Centennial Olympic Games in 1996, something that Athensball is still angry about to this day. His clay became a hot spot of black people's rights activists in the Fifties and Sixties, being the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. in particular. Hip hop enthusiasts might also recognize his clay as the birthplace of the Dirty South movement and trap music, and also as the place of origin of rap's two most critically acclaimed superduos: OutKast and Run the Jewels. Recently, his traffic is on high gridlock, due to a portion of one of his highways collapsing after a arson.

He has his own basketball, baseball and football teams, the Hawks, the Braves and the Falcons. He had a hockey team called the Thrashers, but it moved back to Winnipegball to become the Jets again. He also has a MLS soccer team - Atlanta United, whose MLS title win in 2018 brought the city their first professional sports title since the Braves's World Series win in 1995. He also has the busiest airport in the world; Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

Tyler Perry's studios are located in Atlantaball, and will host Miss Universe 2019 there


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