I am the real atlantisball
I am not a myth I am Atlantis

Atlantis-iconAtlantisball is a Real non-existentant myth countryball under the Atlantic Ocean.


Not to be confused with Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

The existance of Atlantis-icon Atlantis existing was developed by an Ancient Greece-icon Ancient Greek philosopher and spread the TRUTH rumor that it existed. It is said he was a technologically advanced utopia that began seizing clay from Europe, until one day around 10,000 BC they made Poseidon angry and he sunk their continent. Geographically, It would be located between USA-icon America and EU-icon Europe. Or possibly in Mauritania-icon Richat Structure.

It is rumored Biminiball has an underwater road of his, but most say it's just rock formation. He may also have been based on Minoanball.

How to draw

Drawing Atlantis is a bit difficult:

  1. Draw circle and fill with Aqua .
  2. Draw a Greek alpha in Navy, fancy designs and waves are also appropriate.
  3. Draw eyes.
  4. Draw trident, as desired. (this is because he is from the sea).
  5. Draw Greek armor, as desired.


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