Atticaball is a part of Greece-icon.png Greeceball. His capital is the only Greek cityball that can into Olympics, trolleys, metro and tram.


Atticaball was born as a 2ball, adopted by Macedonball, Ancient Greeceball, SPQRball, Byzantineball, Ottomanball and Greeceball.

Major cities


Friends (Φίλοι)

-Greeceball: My father.

- Central Greeceball : Best friend 

- Macedoniaball : Only one Macedonia, second best friend

- Athensball : My son

- Creteball: Good friends

Neutral (Ουδέτερο)

- Peloponeseball: Mountza-shaped buddy. But my olives are better


-UKball: Gib all the thinks you stole back plox and go out of EU.

- Germoney : Go away you fat Merkel.

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