Australian Antarcticaball is a territory claiming on Antarctica-icon.png Antarcticaball by Australiaball. It is only recognised by 4 other countries.


Australian Antarcticaball born as Antarcticaball, UK-icon.png UKball gave the clay to Australia-icon.png Australiaball which now operates the region. It is the largest claimed land on the continent. It is operated by 3 stations (Davis, Casey and Mawson), but many other nations have "Research" stations on them, including Russia-icon.png Russiaball who have the largest station in the territory

Issues with the Territory

  • Japanese whaling occurs annually in Australia-icon.png Australiaball's "waters" which complicates there friendship a bit, but Japan-icon.pngJapanball still claims those boats are for research purposes. Once again Stop The Boats!!!! Or I will murder those boats.
  • Due to the Antarctic treaty, this place does not actually exist, and is only recognised by 4 other countries (this might change when the treaty runs out at the end of the decade).
  • Due to the high mineral importance of Antartica, when the treaty finishes it could become the next West Australia-icon.png Western Australiaball, fuelling the mineral dependent nation.

How to draw

Australian Antarcticaball is almost like Australia-icon.png Australiaball.

The exceptions are the goggles, the top rectangle kind of shape is taken directly from the Australian flag, whereas the rest of the flag follows about the same colour scheme as Micronesia.



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