The Australian Capital Territory(ACT) can be best described as "The Washington DC of Australia". It is a complete different territory, and the territory basically goes around all of his borders, along with the theft of some of New South Walesball's clay at Jervis Bay, for the sake of getting some coastline to be like everyone else.


Young Canberra here has an interesting heritage. He was born in 1908, from an argument between two of the largest cities, Sydneyball and Melbourneball about who should be the capital. So the compromise was that the city would be halfway between both of the cities, which pleased them both.

Issues with the Territory

  • It is faster (by car) to get from Sydney into his clay, rather going from Melbourne, technically making it closer to Sydney (this can be explained by the ranges separating NSW from VIC).
  • Sydneyball now has a larger population than its bickering brother, Melbourneball (although the difference between their populations has been decreasing since then[1]) and also has more suitable government facilities.

How to draw

Drawing Canberraball isn't difficult:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw a blue stripe on the left, with a Southern Cross
  3. Color the rest of orange and draw the coat of arms of Canberra
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.



  1. Herald Sun, Australian Bureau of Statistics