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Aymaraball are gay people in South America.


Aymaraball was born as a 3-icon.png 3ball. Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball didn't respect him and had stolen his own land. So, Aymaraball is still alive somewhere in South America. They are the second largest native group, only surpassed by Quechuaballs (modern Incaballs) with almost 15 million people scattered throughout the Andes from Colombia to Argentina. Although advanced and prosperous, the original Aymara kingdoms were eventually dominated by the Inca emperor Huayna Capac between the years 1493 and 1525. Their ancestors lived in the region for many centuries before becoming a subject people of the Incaballs in the late 15th or early 16th century, and later of the Spainballs in the 16th century. Later the Aymaras became subjects of the new nations of Bolivia and Peru. After the War of the Pacific (1879–83), Chileball acquired territory occupied by the Aymaras.

At present, the Aymara speakers have no chance to spread their language further into the regions near Lake Titicaca because it is not used as a business or working language. The future of the Aymara people is uncertain, since they suffer discrimination and the government of Peruball, for example, does not give them the strength to develop better.

The situation is different in Boliviaball where the Aymaraball are starting to re-emerge. To have an idea the president of Boliviaball, Evo Morales, is himself an Aymara. Aymaras themselves make significant distinctions between Bolivian Aymaras and other Aymaras with the aim of establishing by nationality whom to have say on local issues and who not.

He does not like when confused for Antwerp-icon.png Antwerpball or LGBT-icon.png Gay and Lesbian Kingdomball.