Baghdadball is the D̶a̶d̶ capital and largest cityball of Iraq-icon.png Iraqball. He likes to call himself the cityball of peace, but has had trouble getting into peace lately. He is the most intelligent of all of the other Arab cityballs and contributed the most to Arab society with his knowledge in philosophy, science and mathematics. He even managed to influence cityballs in Europe after the Crusades and Umayyadball's conquest of Spainball.


Baghdadball was officaly born as a 4ball, then later adopted by Babylonball, Assyriaball, Caliphateball, Ottomanball, Bani Khalidball, British Iraqball, Kingdom of Iraqball and Iraqball. Baghdadball began construction by Caliph Al-Mansur of Abbasidsball on the 30th of July 762. 



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