Bahamasball is a countryball in the Caribbeans. He claims to be the place that Christopher Columbus discovered America, he likes to do crafts including baskets made of palm leaves, and often used voodoo dolls. His favorite animal is Crab. He is a popular tourist destination for USA-icon 'Mericans who can't reach Hawaii-icon Hawaiiball.


Bahamasball was a 7-icon 7ball, discovered by Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball. In XVII century, UK-icon UKball adopted him and he become independent in 1973. During America's Revolutionary War, he invaded Nassau-icon Nassauball's clay and held it for two weeks and then left.

Nowadays, Bahamas-icon Bahamasball is an island country of North America, which is a good place for holidays, and he's totally not deviant. He is currently under a Hurricane called Dorian

Flag Colors

Main Colors

Teal-Cyan 0, 171, 201 C1-M.149-Y.211-K.211 #00ABC9
Black 0, 0, 0 C100-M100-Y100-K100 #000000
Banana Yellow 250, 224, 66 C0-M.104-Y.019-K.019 #FAE042


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