Baja Californiaball is the northernmost, westernmost and northwesternmost stateball in Mexicoball. It is very known for being the Mexican state that shares borders with USAball's Californiaball. (hence the name). He is a stateball with behavior of both Mexicoball and USAball, so because of this the another stateballs of Mexicoballs says that he is "agringado" (means something like Americanized). Baja California Surball is below him. He has touristic islands around him.

Baja California has been the key role for mexican influence and immigration in USAball. He enjoys a Mediterranean climate and grows a lot of avocados, corn, beans, peppers, grapes (for wine) and asparagus and makes tacos and other delicious mexican foods for USAball even though this state is mainly desert with some mountains.

Like all mexican stateballs, he is a free and sovereign stateball.


Baja California was discovered by Spainballs in the 1500s and encircled the peninsula proving it was not a large island as thought mythically. This later created the Californias (territory).

He was part of the bigger Baja California Territoryball from 1804 through Mexican Independence until the 1850s, then got split into the Baja California Norte Territoryball and Baja California Sur Territoryball.

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