Balhaeball also known as Bóhǎiball by China, Bokkaiball by Japan and Bohayball by Russia and the rest of former USSR was a medieval kingdom and an ancestor of South Korea-icon.png South and North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball. He was a large empire established after Goguryeo-icon.png Goguryeoball's fall to Silla-icon.png Sillaball. He stretched from the Korea Bay in the Yellow Sea to the Southern Okhotsk Sea.


Balhaeball was born as a 1ball, adopted by Goguryeobal. When his father Goguryeoball was killed, Balhaeball was forced labour by Tangball, until being independent in 698 when became fully independent. Unluckily, he was killed by Liaoball.

How to draw

Draw Balhaeball is very simple.

  1. Draw the basic sphere and color it of yellow like here
  2. Draw a little white circle inside and add there a black 발해
  3. Add two slant eyes and a rice hat. You've finished.



  • Liaoball - How dare you kill me! You were vassal of my father!
  • Moheball - You were a vassal of my father, So you must be dominated by me. And Qing-icon.png your grandson attacked Our land.

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