Banate of Bosniaball was a principality in Europe.


Banate of Bosniaball born as a 2ball, adopted by Illyriaball, SPQRball, Byzantineball and Kingdom of Hungaryball till became independent. Its not really known when the state was founded but the name "Banate" was brought by the Kingdom of Kingdom of Hungariaball. Banate of Bosniaball was a part of the Kingdom of Hungariaball but it was still a de facto independent state. The first ruler of the Banate of Bosniaball was Ban Borić, who was friends with Kingdom of Serbiaball and Kingdom of Hungariaball. Banate of Bosniaball with the Serbs and Hungarians waged a war against the Byzantine Empireball. After he lost, a new ruler was appointed... That new ruler is considered a hero among Bosniaks and his name is BIG DEDI Ban Kulin. His reign (along with Tvrtko's) is considered as Bosnia's "Golden Age". He spread Bosnia's territory considerably. After he died, Bosnia had many problems but they still rose to power after a while.


Kingdom of Serbiaball - you can of removings Byzantum with me BUT WHY SERB MUST YOU SAY THAT WE ARE HERETICS?!?!?

Kingdom of Hungariaball - can remove Byzantum very well but he was still kind of stealing clay

Byzantine-WHY MUST YOU SAY THAT WE ARE HERETICS WE OF NOT HERETICS!?!?! But you gave us Ban Kulin so thanks.

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