Bat-Yamcube in its first appearance, threatened to be killed and giving his lands and monies to his rival, Tel-Avivcube.

Bat Yamcube (הקוביה בת ים) is a citycube in Tel Aviv District of Israel-icon.png Israelcube. Bat Yam was founded as Bayit-VaGancube to piss off Tel Aviv-icon.png Tel-Avivcube and disconnect it. Bat-Yamcube also cannot into independence. Even today, Tel-Avivcube is trying to take over Bat-Yamcube and all of its property, using the kindness of their step-dad, Israel-icon.png Israelcube.

Bat-Yamcube decided to connect with Rishon LeZion-icon.png Rishon LeZioncube so they will take over more lands and stop the big cube. When Israelcube found that out, he decided to divide between them, and now Bat-Yamcube has allied his frenemie, Holon-icon.png Holoncube, to continue the struggle against the big cube. His name means 'Daughter of the ocean.'


Bat-Yamcube is kind and lovely to everybody, but he is mad at Tel-Avivcube and begging Israelcube for money and land.

In the early days, Bat-Yamcube symbolized the struggle against the big cube, creating a big brotherhood and sharing their seashore (while Tel-Avivcube builds towers on it).

Today, Bat-Yamcube is partly controlled by the juden-kebabs (former Mizrahim).

Bat-Yamcube might also be disguised as the god of sea.



  • Tel Aviv Disctrict citycubes (exc. Tel-Avivcube, Givatayimcube and Ramat Gancube) - allies against the capital.
  • Petah-Tikwacube, Netanyacube, etc. - other power centers of the juden-kebabs.
  • Jerusalemcube - stay the biggest city!


  • Israelcube - his step-dad since 1948. gives money and lands.
  • Egyptball - his uncle who had signed a peace treaty with Israelcube in 1979.
  • (Trans)Jordanball - his uncle who had signed a peace treaty with Israelcube in 1994.

Frenemies (Friendly rivals)

  • Holoncube - they're good allies, but they're both also jealous at each other - Holoncube is jealous because Bat-Yamcube has sea like Boliviaball on Peru, and Bat-Yamcube is jealous because Holoncube has more lands like Peruball on Bolivia. Ironically, They would be often called the Peru and Bolivia of the district.

Natural Enemies

  • Tel Avivcube - Bat-Yamcube was founded to piss him off and block his imperialist ambitions. Tel-Avivcube wants also to kill Bat-Yamcube and take its lands, using their step-dad's kindness, still without any success. Still. He also is Tel-Avivcube's archenemy! He said that Tel Aviv is Kebab
  • Kebabs (especially yafoball of Tel-Avivcube and including ALL of Tel-Avivcube's clay) - stupid kebabs want to destroy us, we will destroy them first!

A Brief History

>Tel-Avivcube became shitty

>Bayit-VaGancube was founded

>UKball deported everybody because of kebabs

>UKball allowed everyone to return

>Bayit-VaGancube evolved into Bat-Yamcube

>Kebabs from Yafoball attacked

>Bat-Yamcube was like "fuck you"

>Yafoball surrendered

>Tel-Avivcube gave lands from Yafoball

>Bat-Yamcube became even more shitty

>Lahiani came

>Bat-Yamcube because great and corrupted

>Tel-Avivcube wants to destroy Bat-Yamcube because of lands

>Israelcube creates a committee to kill Bat-Yamcube and give lands to Tel-Avivcube

The End... for now...

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