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Ha ha ha! Oktoberfest!
— The Medic

Bavariaball is a tablecloth a stateball in southern Germany-icon.png Germanyball. It has the stronkest economy within the republic and is a lot of the people inside want it to be independent i guess. He is also the father of the Illuminati.


Bavaria is known for its traditions, and the Oktoberfest. Most people outside of Germanyball think of the Bavarian stereotype, if they are speaking about Germanyball (unless they're talking about Nazi-icon.png some other stereotypes associated with Germany). Kitchenerball, his pen-pal and friend in Canada-icon.png Canadaball, has the biggest Oktoberfest in the world outside of Bavariaball's own clay.

Many Bavarians worship the former king of Bavaria, Ludwig II, who built many famous Landmarks of Bavaria, like castle Neuschwanstein.

Bavariaball's capital is Munich-icon.png Munichball, other important cityballs are Nurembergball, Regensburgball, Wuerzburgball, Augsburgball and Aschaffenburgball.

Bavariaball has recently made a complete turnaround in its relation to kebab, as it is now considered a friend and future co-worker.

Bavariaball can also be very rude, when it comes to tourists. If they are from the northern part of Germanyball, he tries to steal their money with expensive and bad beer or rip them of in "authentic" bavarian restaurants, like the Hofbräuhaus Munich. He also likes it to make fun of those who were scammed. The usual term for northern Germans is "Saupreiß" or for those who settled down "Zuagreiste".


Bavariaball thinks he is the best. Even if he are mostly friendly to guests, he can't understand if somebody doesn't understand its complicated traditions. His hobby is drinking beer and complaining about Germanyball. He doesn't like the other states of Germany, except Baden-Württemberg-icon.png Baden-Württembergball (but doesn't like their Mercedes-Benzes and Porsches, BMW STRONK!). He is to Germany like what Texas is to USA or Yorkshire is to England.



  • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - my vater aber ich will eine Unabhängigkeit
  • Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball - S***ßbhe how did yuo call me es Austrian!!
  • Thailand-icon.png Maha Vajiralongkorn - Why yuo stay in my clay during pandemic?! yuo said you want to self isolate but why with those girls and party?! THINK ABOUT YUOR PEOPLE DYING!!


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