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{{infobox countryball|government = Republic|language = {{I|UK}} English<br>Native languages|type = Cityball of {{I|Ghana|link=yes}}|founded = ~1500|affiliation = {{I|Ghana|link=yes}}|image = Bawkuball.png}}
{{infobox countryball|name = Bawkuball|founded = ~1500|onlypredecessor = Kusaaball|predicon = 8|image = Bawkuball.png|government = City|language = {{I|UK}} English<br>Native languages|type = {{I|8}} Niger-Congolese|affiliation = {{I|Ghana|link=yes}}|religion = {{I|Christianity}} Christianity|intospace = no|bork = Bawk Bawk|status = alive}}'''Bawkuball''' is a cityball in {{I|Ghana|link=yes}}.
'''Bawkuball''' is a cityball in {{I|Ghana|link=yes}}.
'''Bawkuball''' was born as a {{I|8|link=yes}}, adopted by {{I|Ashanti Empire|link=yes}}, [[British Gold Coastball]] and {{I|Ghana|link=yes}}.
'''Bawkuball''' was born as an {{I|8|link=yes}}, adopted by {{I|Ashanti Empire|link=yes}}, [[British Gold Coastball]] and {{I|Ghana|link=yes}}.

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Bawkuball is a cityball in Ghana-icon Ghanaball.


Bawkuball was born as an 8-icon 8ball, adopted by Ashanti Empire-icon Ashanti Empireball, British Gold Coastball and Ghana-icon Ghanaball.

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