Benguelaball is a province of Angola-icon Angolaball.


Benguelaball born as a 8-icon 8ball, adopted by Kingdom of Congo-icon Kingdom of Kongoball, Portuguese West Africa-icon Portuguese West Africaball, Angola-icon PR Angolaball and Angola-icon Angolaball.

During Portuguese rule, Benguelaball was one of the most important colonial provinces for Portuguese Angolaball. With the era of imperialist efforts of European countryballs to obtain colonies / territories in Africa, at the end of the 19th century, Portugal-icon Portugalball increased its presence in the region in order to protect them from the advances of the German Empire-icon German Empireball (Through German South-West Africa-icon German South-West Africaball, current day Namibia-icon Namibia) and other states.

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